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The Rosie
The Rosie
The Rosie
The Rosie

The Rosie

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The Rosie is a hot seller and it’s not too hard to figure out why. The intricate vine setting, coupled with pink and clear cubic zirconia stones, is a winning combination. The 925 sterling silver is then plated with 14k rose gold and rhodium with a high polish finish. This is a win-win because you get the quality of silver that you desire, but no worries about your piece tarnishing.


* 4 Pink marquise cubic zirconia stones

* 47 Clear round cubic zirconia stones

* Prong setting

* 925 Sterling silver

* 14k Rose gold & rhodium plated

* High polish finish

* Top of ring height: 10.1mm

* Band width: 1.7mm

* Shank width: 1.8mm