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About Us

Schnee Way, our family-owned business, is here to bring you style with confidence. Our aim is to bring you quality items that will stand the test of time. 

I'm Cynthia and here's a few random facts about me:

* I love potatoes!

* I have solved all the Rubik's Cubes through the 7x7 all by myself - no help! (Yeah, I'm kind of nuts, but I love a good puzzle!)

* I'm happily married to John since 1989  and have three beautiful grown children!

* I would love to someday go to Venice and ride on a gondola! Why? I had pictures of it in a book I used to look at when I was a kid and I always wanted to go to where the streets were made of water! True story!

We started this business so we can give back to the world in our golden years. 

So, that's us in a nutshell! Feel free to stop by often! We like to love on our customers.  After all, you are helping our dreams to come true!


Questions? Just shoot us an email to!