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About Us

We’re so glad you’ve found Schnee Way! We are a small family-owned business whose goal is to bring you trendy, yet classic clothing and accessories that allow you to leave the house feeling confident and stylish. We are here to serve your needs!

Who are we? I'm Cynthia & my husband John has been extremely supportive of our venture.  I have a teaching degree and put it to use homeschooling my three kids for many years.  We have two with health issues, so we just found life was a lot less complicated to do school at home amidst all the doctor visits.  When our kids all finished school, I ended up working outside the home for a couple of years, but I had this constant urging to start the business we had always dreamed about.  We just never had the time to make it a reality. We also have a huge heart for the homeless and would like to give back to the world during our golden years. In addition, we would like to fulfill a few dreams of our riding on a gondola in Venice, Italy!  So, at 52, we decided that I would quit my job and begin to live out our dream!  We have three beautiful kids: Sarah, Juliana & Timothy! I'm totally biased, but they are the best kids ever and living testimonies in many ways.

If you would like to know more about us, check out my blog post here!

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