Anthem Threads® FAQ

How do I get my song featured on the Anthem Threads® Exclusive Playlist?

By invitation only, certain artists will be asked to be part of the upcoming Anthem Threads® Exclusive Playlist on Spotify.

How do I get the song I want on the tee?

Simply find the song* you want on any online streaming platform, (i.e. Spotify or Apple Music). Send us the link at checkout in the special instruction box. We’ll take care of the rest!** 

Can I wash and dry this tee with my regular laundry?

Yes, you can! We do recommend turning the tee inside out while laundering!

How long will it take for this custom-made product to ship?

Custom-made items are usually shipped within two weeks of ordering them.  If that is not possible, you will be notified promptly.

What if I can't get the button to work?

All buttons are double-tested and working before they are shipped.

Trouble shoot where you are tapping.

Turning your phone off and on again will often resolve any issues.

Can I change the song on my tee?

Each tee is custom-made and the songs are unable to be changed once they are shipped.

What type of phones are compatible the Song Tees?

Android and iPhones are both compatible, as well as most recent smartphones models.


*We reserve the right to refund your order if the chosen song does not meet our Anthem Threads® Community Guidelines.

**Since this is a custom-made product, please allow 2 weeks from the date of purchase for your item to be shipped. They sometimes come much sooner!