Anthem Threads® Community Guidelines

All songs for Anthem Threads® products must match the following criteria:


What we’re looking for:

✅ Professionally recorded songs

✅ Available on Spotify® & Apple Music®

✅ Wholesome and family-friendly songs

✅ Songs about love, life, and faith


If any part of the song does not meet our community guidelines, the song will not be permitted on any Anthem Threads® products. All decisions are final and at the sole discretion of the Anthem Threads® team. We reserve the right to refuse any song that we feel does not align with our brand. If a song does not meet our community guidelines, customers are free to choose a different song.

The following is not permitted:

❌ Explicit or crude language / profanity

❌ Graphic or sexually suggestive content / themes

❌ Violence or self-harm

❌ Hateful speech

❌ Mature themes not suitable for young audiences

❌ Cyber-bullying or harassment

❌ Stolen intellectual property

❌ Content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities that risk serious physical harm or death

❌Content from or about terrorist or criminal organizations

❌Content that disregards Christian faith values

Note: This is not an extensive list. If you have any questions about a song, please email