It's Okay to Bloom Out of Season!

It's Okay to Bloom Out of Season!

As I drove back home this morning, I noticed this little guy attempting to bloom less than two  weeks before Christmas! For reference sake, I left here a little after 9:00 am and it was still so cold that I had to scrape the car before I left.

Now, why in the world is this little flower trying to bloom so out of season?

Some flowers are the first to bloom. They make their entry loud and proud.  They are bigger and better than all the other would-be flowers to come.  Secretly, the other flowers may be a little jealous that they aren't as nice or noticed.

Then there are the flowers that bloom in the midst of all the other flowers blooming.  They arrive right in season. Together, all the blooms make a beautiful display.  You don't really notice the beauty of them individually.

Then you have the little flower that blooms on December 13th.  This kind of flower is quite a surprise, because you didn't expect a bloom to come from the ground that has been barren for so long. In a time when things should be dead, life is resurrecting.

Life is like that a lot. We think we need to be the first or the best.  Those people get their fifteen minutes of fame, but that eventually fades. Others just blend in and try hard to avoid the spotlight. Then there are those people who are fighting battles that you can't begin to comprehend. 

It's easy to be nice to those who are the brightest and best.  It's also pretty easy to be nice to those that are just like us. It gets harder to be nice when you don't even notice that those around you are struggling.

Keep your eyes wide open. Take time to learn more about the people in your world. You never know what they are dealing with on the inside. Your compassion and kindness may be the reason they are able to bloom out of season. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful surprise?

- Cynthia Schnee


In honor of this little bloom in my front yard, you can get two Himawari Sunflower Necklaces for the cost of one.  Wear one as a reminder.  Give one to help someone bloom!

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