God is in the Details

Recently, I flew to Tampa with my daughter, who was singing at a conference.  The airports were more crazy than normal with lots of thunderstorms hitting the east coast.  It had been a long day and people's attitudes around us were heading south.  

While just chilling in line and waiting to board our next flight, a busy flight attendant came off the plane and was hustling past our line.  She stopped momentarily, looked me right in the eye and said, "More than conquerors! Thank you! I so needed that reminder today!"

It took me a moment to realize that's what it said on my t-shirt!  We both smiled that knowing smile and off she went.

It's funny how me wearing that shirt served as a pick-me-up to a sister in Christ.  It was no mistake that she saw the message at that particular moment in that specific airport, after both of our schedules had probably been delayed several times. God knew before I ever picked out what to wear that morning.

I didn't put that tee on to bless anyone. It just matched my shorts, but God was taking care of His own. I was just blessed to know that even when I wasn't trying, God had used me in this small way!


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