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Collection: Anthem Threads™ - 🎶 Where Fashion Meets Music 🎶

Anthem Threads™ is a collaborative effort between Schnee Way® and Juliana Lane Music.  This is simply what happens when a mother, who owns a boutique, teams up with her singer/songwriter daughter!

🎶 Musicians - Use Anthem Threads™ as a way to share your newest song with your listeners

🎧 Music Lovers - Be the first to "Wear & Share" Anthem Threads™ in a cool and unique way

💃🏼 Fashionistas - Clothe yourself in Anthem Threads™, where fashion meets music!

There are so many talented musicians out there. Many of them have been down that hard road of trying to get their music out there.  Till they're done with the creative side and actually get a professional recording completed, they have a lot of time and money tied up in just one song.  It's sad for musicians to work their tails off, only to get heard by a few friends and family.

We felt that should change! Instead of distributing music through traditional channels, what if there was a unique and fresh way to get accomplished new artists the air time they deserve?  Hence, the genesis of Anthem Threads™ began.

Now, when you are out and about, you can just lift your sleeve that reveals a QR code.  Your friends can scan the code quickly on their phone and there will be 30 new up and coming artists on the Anthem Threads™ Exclusive Playlist.  They must, of course, meet our Community Guidelines.

We are super pumped and excited about our new venture and we hope that you will be too!

What's down the road for Anthem ThreadsTM? We haven't forgotten about you guys!  Be on the lookout for some new Anthem Threads™ down the road!

"The Anthem Threads dress instantly rose to the top of my wardrobe favorites as the coded song will, no doubt, rise in popularity. I've never worn such a form-flattering, comfortable and stretchy dress like this. Ever. I love the words on both sides (that are actually song lyrics, which is so cool) and when wearing it in public, I received so many positive compliments. The versatility of this dress is amazing. Being reversible is only one of its unique highlights. The red ties can be made into a ton of different options or just hang and sway. The shorts they send with the dress make this dress absolutely swingable for any dance. The designers of the Anthem Threads dress really hit the nail on the head with out-of-the-box ingenuity to combine music and fashion. This dress and the musical piece are 10/10. This is true artistry and entrepreneurship at its best." - Rachel G.


"I love how confident I feel in this dress! It's light, airy, and compliments my body in all the right places! And who doesn't love a dress with a perfect twirl!" - Emily M.


“This dress is absolutely beautiful and extremely versatile! It can be worn as a V or scoop neck, whichever one you like best. The colors are amazing, and it has that super cute 1950's vintage flare that will make you feel like Marilyn Monroe the minute that you slip it on and never want to take it off. Surprisingly, this dress may have an incredible vintage look, but it also has a very modern feature. Hidden under one of the sleeve flaps is a QR code that you can scan to hear songs from the fabulous Juliana Lane and other artists from around the world. This dress is absolutely delightful! 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend! 😍😍😍” - Addie W.

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  • Anthem Threads™ Reversible Song Dress - 🎶 You Can't Stop Me 🎶
    Anthem Threads™ Reversible Song Dress - 🎶 You Can't Stop Me 🎶
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